Endomondo Cycling Workout, 27 July 2011

I did a 5hrs Endurance ride today, all on my own. 5hrs is a long time in one day, to gather your thoughts. Fortunately as a pro I could start my ride when it warmed up at 9am.

From Pta-north I headed east and around Roodeplaat dam. I always look for new roads I don’t know…the road I was following ended up in a gravel road, so I had to turn around. haha.
The roads around the dam were quite quiet. The road between Roodeplaat and Baviaanspoort is where I did my first 30km race and my first National Timetrial back in 2002. Today was the first time I have ridden those roads since, I kept having flashbacks of how I used to struggle back then. I wasn’t the fastest kid on a bike back then, I’ve come a long away.

From there I passed through Pretoria over the union buildings, klapperkop and back to the north.

This is the first part of the ride, as my endomondo program closed down after the first 1.5hr

Part 1: 38.50 km in 1h:22m:50s

via Endomondo Cycling Workout.

Part 2: 103.80 km in 3h:38m:20s

via Endomondo Cycling Workout.


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