Endomondo Cycling Workout, 31 July 2011

I’ve had a lot of views on my last Endomondo ride, however the ride file was separated into 2 separate files. So I decided to redo it on my 2nd long ride for the week. It’s actually quite easy as any Blackberry on the market have GPS tracking embedded in them nowadays. All you do is download this app called Endomondo, tweak a couple of settings and it tracks you throughout the ride and uploads it to endomondo.com when you are done. Quite cool, as you can show any of your friends and family the routes you have ridden, via the web. It also gives you speed and altitude throughout the ride.

Once again I started in the north, heading out west on the Old Brits road, the same road we did in Stage 1 of the Tour of South Africa. Where the tour turned left over the dam, I kept going straight on, on the deceptively long road to Hekpoort. Up to there the speed was reasonably fast. Over the climb and left again past the satellite station.

To my dismay, I faced a mean headwind home. No wonder I was feeling so good for the first 2 hrs. I now had to battle the wind all the way home. Not the funnest thing ever haha.

Although not 100% legal, but probably the safest road in Gauteng traffic wise, I headed back on the N4 into Pretoria and back to the North.

I finished the ride off with 147.33 km, and 5h:01m:50s on the clock.

To check it out just click on the link below:

via Endomondo Cycling Workout.


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