Dome2Dome – a proud win

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A new route for this year, starting at the top of Sterkfontein heading out past Tarlton, up past Maropeng, a lap of the cradle and back to the top of Sterkfontein. Only 93km…a bit short, would be nice if they can take us through Magaliesburg and up and over Hekpoort as well. But anyway, the race featured quite a few hills.

From my comment on Twitter at 4am on sunday morning: “Just chatted tactics to an owl. Says he is looking forward to watching this race”, it is clear that I think that starting at 6:15am is a bit ludicrous. Not only is it impossible to give your absolute physical 100% at that time, but I also think it’s really dangerous. Visibility is really low at that time, making it dangerous in the bunch and dangerous for other road users too. Also we finish in peak sunday traffic when most people are on the way to church or the shops. I’ll rather start at 9 or 10am.

The race started with the usual amount of attacks and with no move being succesful for the first hour. The first move to get some daylight was Bradley Potgieter as he got about 20s on the bunch at the 45km mark. A group of 7 guys jumped across, and looked dangerous, but Bonitas with only one rider in the break wanted to send more riders in the move. Hanco Kachelhoffer and I managed to jump across on one first hills in the cradle.

This made a 10man break and it was clear that this will be the final break. The representation was MTN 3, Bonitas 2, Matlosana 2, Toyota CSA 1, Tasol 1, Smart Shake 1. We were in a strong position and most of the other riders looked at us to do most of the pace-making. Bradley Potgieter and Arran Brown was excellent in keeping the pace up, ensuring that the break would stay away and saving me.

The final climb really suited my abilities as a rider, as I can climb and sprint fairly well. With about a minute advantage on the bunch, it was again Arran that set the tempo all the way from the bottom of the climb, ensuring no attacks and setting it up perfectly for me. I was surprised that the attacks didn’t come earlier from the 2 Bonitas riders, Hanco Kachelhoffer and Waylon Woolcock. Both good climbers…But Waylon tried his move with 800m to go, but it was too late.

I started my sprint from Waylon’s wheel and kicked with just over 250m to go, and caught Hanco a little off gaurd and got a gap which he couldn’t close. Hanco 2nd, and another new face on the block in the Toyota CSA colours, William Bush, got 3rd. I know fairly little about this guy but it is good to see young and new guys performing.

I really owe this victory to my teammates who were excellent in keeping me fresh all the way to the final hundred metres. We also placed 5 in the top 10, which is quite rare.

Dome 2 Dome results:

1st Reinardt Janse van Rensburg – Team MTN Qhubeka      2:11:33

2nd Hanco Kachelhoffer – Team Bonitas  @”

3rd William Bush – Toyota CSA @8s

4th Waylon Woolcock – Team Bonitas @27s

5th Pieter Seyffert – Team Matlosana @30s

6th Arran brown – Team MTN Qhubeka @36s

7th Jason Bakke – Team Bonitas @59s

8th Dennis van Niekerk – Team MTN Qhubeka @”

9th Dylan Girdlestone – Team MTN Qhubeka @”

10th Martin Wessemann – Team MTN Qhubeka @1’12


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