A “normal bike crash” in pictures.

So as you might know, I crashed out in spectacular fashion in yesterday’s crit, a photographer named Peter Morey was at hand to take some great action pictures. Know I can laugh about it and thought I share it so you can too.

Ok so what happened was: I made a move quite early on in the crit and built up a 15-20s lead over the chasing bunch, but I was pushing too hard through each corner and as I started to tire, I misjudged my speed into a 90 degree right hander and my back wheel slid and gripped again, causing my balance to shift and ultimately being “high-sided” of the bike.

So here’s photo one:

Just after my wheel slipped it gripped again, causing my weight to be shifted to the right. I am trying hard to hold it together and stay on the bike.

Photo 2:

“I’m holding it” – not…..FAIL

Photo 3:

Boom — Hitting the floor

Photo 4:

Bike in the air, bandage from previous crash coming off, chain jumping around.

Photo 5:

Total Chaos

Photo 6:

My facial expression the funniest. Staring into the distance as if nothing happened while my back is flying about behind me.

Photo 7:

 Yip, I lost it……



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