A cold, wet and miserable day in Koln

The weather spoiled our fun yesterday, on eastermonday, at the Rund Om Koln. It was around 4C and rain non-stop. Not something any of us are used to. Being a bike rider isn’t easy anyway, so with no complaints we got our rain gear on and set off for a 200km trek around Cologne.

Photo: Cyclingnews.com

The race itself, its quite technical, with a lot of short and very steep hills and twisty roads, the final 45km was on flat roads. Many moves tried to get away in the beginning and the bunch split on the hills and gutters a number of times only to rejoin.

At about 80km in an 11 man move rode clear, most of the big teams had riders in the front, with the exception of Saxobank. As the speed dropped in the peloton the weather really started to effect the riders. I can’t remember being that cold on my bike before. I remember just hoping the race would become hard so I can warm up a little.

Anyway Saxobank chased for a while, but everybody lacked motivation and the break was left to run clear. We didn’t have a rider in front and with the gap at 4mins with 40km remaining we wanted to try to bring it back. But as the call was made, bad luck struck…I hooked bars with my Teammate, Bradley, and went down. I got up and dragged myself to the finish in the bunch.

By the time we got the finishing circuit the break had a big enough advantage, to force the bunch to stop and let the break ride past, as the break was nearly a full lap ahead. Jan Barta of Team Netapp managed to ride solo in the last 45km to the line to take the win.

Photo: Cyclingnews.com

Photo: Cyclingnews.com

I am lucky to have no major injuries, just a few cuts on my chin and cheek and a few roasties here and there. Our next race will only be next Saturday, the Arno Wallaard in Holland.


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