About me

Hi my name is Reinardt Janse van Rensburg, I am a South African professional cyclist on team Argos Shimano.

Born in Virgina, a small town in the middle of nowhere in the Free state. I was raised in Pretoria, the beautiful capital city of South Africa.

I was introduced at the age of 13 to cycling and instantly mesmerised by it. Cycling has been a passion ever since.

9 thoughts on “About me

  1. Reinardt, i saw that you’ll be riding two Dutch races next week. This means you won’t be riding La Tropicale Amissa Bongo?

  2. Hello Reinardt. I’m looking for an answer since a long time : what is specialisation ? Time Trials, sprints or Climbing ? What’s your rider’s model ? Are a guy like Gilbert (punch and fast) or like Goss, a sprinter who can win despite climbs (Milan-San Remo) ?

    Thanks for answer (please do not answer “all rounder”)

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